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These are the guys you want to trust when you will be moving across the country.  I’ve heard all the horror stories that go along with moving company disasters, and it’s not going to happen with this company.  From trucks catching on fire to lost moving boxes, to broken plasma tv’s, the dangers of moving are ALL OVER THE PLACE!  If you are searching for an affordable national moving company, this is the place to start!


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Apple Moving – Austin Texas Movers

Apple Moving – Austin Texas Movers

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  1. They are affordable
  2. Apple Moving is reliable
  3. Reputable and trustworthy service
  4. Experience moving pros to take care of your belongings
  5. Friendly sales staff to walk you through the moving process
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This is just the beginning.  Apple Moving has years of experience and dozens of qualified employees to make your move easy!  Don’t trust us?  Give them a call today for a free moving quote.

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Apple Moving also has offices located in San Antonio, TX.  For San Antonio, TX movers, click here.

Our New York City Moving Experience

After college, my husband and I lived in New York City for 3 years.  During this short period, we moved 6 different times and learned a lot that helped us with future moves.  I don’t wish this upon anyone, but it was certainly helped when we moved again with more belongings.  Better to learn the moving mistakes when we were still young and dumb and didn’t have nice furniture.  My biggest advice is to make sure you read the online moving reviews to make sure that other people have good things to say about the company.  Next is to SAVE as much as you can when hiring a moving company in New York.  There’s no need to overpay and there are a multitude of locator services to help you find companies within your budget.  There’s dozens of sites like this -  Just find a similar site, fill out your information, wait for the phone to ring.  And don’t think that you can skimp on the size or number of items your moving when they call…. it’s only going to hurt you in the long run.  Better to be honest up front and get an accurate moving quote.  Best of luck with your NYC moves…


My last bit of information… avoid getting a Uhaul Truck like the plague in NYC – it’s not a realistic option unless you are a VERY experienced truck driver.  The parking tickets are going to rack up quicker than you can say I don’t wanna Uhaul anymore.

Our Moving Day

Back in January of 2012, my family decided it was time to pack up the things and move to North Dakota.  While I was initially hesitant about the move, the slower pace of life really started to catch up to me as the moving date neared ever closer.  Moving from the city out to ND was definitely going to be a welcomed transition.

Needless to say, our move was easier than some of the horror stories I’ve heard about online.  Our moving company that we hired really turned out to be tremendous.  We ended up going with Atlas Vanlines, even though they were a tad bit more expensive.  The moving quotes we initially received from them were for about $500 less than what it ended up being, but I guess that is understandable since I forgot to tell them about all the stuff in our garage.  Couple that with the fact that we were moving cross country and I think we ended up getting a pretty good bargain when the total tallied up price finally came in.

Moving day was also a breeze.  We already had the house pretty much all boxed up and ready for the moving guys to show up and haul everything away.  I had previously ordered the cheapest long distance moving companies in america I could find online and that helped save about an extra $100.  They were even able to accept returns for all the unused boxes.

While I am definitely glad the move is over and I wouldn’t want to do it again next week, I’d say we had it pretty easy and now it is time to adjust fully to life in North Dakota.



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